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New Ways To Build Your Nest-Egg

It’s happening more and more now – that people work at home, and the beurgeoning population of so called ‘Baby Boomers’ are rapidly becoming the most connected people on the planet.

The growth of communication tools is perhaps the single biggest change in our lives today, and the older generation has of course, seen most of it – from a distance maybe – but that’s about to change!

an older woman enjoys working on her PC

Older women are proving they are very adaptable at working on a computer. Many find part time jobs at home transcribing, or writing, having completed courses online

Life for many people now, is a challenge, with new technology becoming old technology overnight. My own personal challenge, is to facilitate – in some way – the ascent to ‘connectivity’ for anyone who, so far at least, has felt they are struggling to adapt to a life where to become au-fait with technology is a matter of urgency.

In so many, many ways now, some aspect of connectivity will become inevitable in yours and my lifetime, not least being that as the aging population grows, the need for many of us to supplement our government paid incomes becomes more necessary – if we want to maintain any kind of ‘quality’ in our lives that lets us enjoy ourselves a bit – travel, eating out, shows, visiting family – then we are going to have to still earn the cash to pay for that.

These pages will remain Works In Progress so the information on them evolves along with your needs. You can leave me a message in the comments section at the bottom of this page, to help keep the site current.

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simple-scroll BLOG POSTS:


18/6/13 :: This month I’ve had reason to go searching for some software to help me remember all my passwords. Taking the advice from my website touring, I’ve mixed up passwords and ID’s and email addresses to ramp up protection but………when I got to the 40th site I wanted to join – for one reason or another – I realised 8.adsensepicthere was going to have to be some mutual order. Firstly it’s not just passwords you have to remember, its email addresses (like which one you used where) and usernames as well and …well….I got horribly lost and with probable, fading, memory, likely in my nether years, I admitted something would have to change!

So….I started a list. Being quite bright, I color coded usernames, email addresses and site names. Four sides of  A4 filled up in no time. Proud of my success at dealing to all those sites and their passwords, I duly fought those pieces of paper for around three months. It became intolerable. the paper discolored as if a hunting party had walked all over them and I was unable to remember one day to the next which of the four sides held the details of the site of the moment I was looking for. Somehow, having given myself permission to now rely on the pieces of paper instead of my memory, I had just made it harder!  I maybe should also have put them in  alphabetical order! Ahhhh another day I think!

Thank GOODNESS for Google Search! Here I found help with Last Pass. I still keep the handwritten copy for piece -of-mind, and of course everything is bookmarked – somewhere –  but now most of the details I need are filled in for me. A bonus with this system too, is that filling in forms or doing surveys have now become easier to do, because  ‘Last Pass’ will also identify fields and fill in details for me. Yay!!!!! ps: last pass has been updated as of Oct 2013 with some really nice extra features::C


16/5/13 ::  I’m back! I bet you didn’t even realise I’d been away! Well I have been loose in cyberland trying all sorts of things that I’ve come across. I have to apologise, since I’ve been awayoverwhelmed - things flying around her head  getting sidetracked and having a great time. A great time except that I have severely neglected CFM. It’s been (I think) Classic ‘grass is greener on the other side’ sort of away.

Well it’s not of course, and really, I think I’ve benefited from finding out more about what else goes on out there in Net-land. One new tool I’ve been introduced to is via IDPLR. Now these people offer you membership to download e-books and software, which have Re-sell or PLR rights. You canthen on-sell at 100% profit! This is serious money and if you look at the site, there are videos too, to point you in the right direction. If you like what you see, you can join their FREE club  to try it out first, then if you want to use it more.

Uh-oh….I may not be able to save myself this time –  the Husband is niggling about me getting a job again. Since time has come full circle to a whole 12 months with CFM and I have felt this huge responsibility to having let it all go a bit whilst I have been out on the sorties, I better get down to some serious work again.

This interlude has been fun, and not QUITE ‘fruitless’, but this is just a note to myself, to NOT go there again until I have completed the original mission, and that was?…… earn money online working at home. I’m on to it. See you next month with an update. :: C


15/4/13 :: Well summer’s over and daylight saving has gone, and looming cartoon4up are long hours on the Net while huddled comfortably in my house with the radio and heater on. Yay!!! I quite like winter at times. At least my 8 hours a day sitting here working on my web sites will be a distraction from the weather (and the housework).

Tell you what though, things are coming on  in leaps and bounds – I’ve made my first video and it’s live!!! It’s a ‘woo-hoo’ moment! Have you had any lately? ‘Woo hoos’ can keep you excited about what you are doing out there in the world, and you feel a little more at peace with small successes …..anyway, my video. Here it is. Check it out. Since its my very first, I’ve possibly missed SOMEthing. Let me know if you find it! 🙂  Catherine’s Net-Steps Intro. Video   :: C


13/3/13 ::  I knew I hadn’t quite made it after a whole day trying so hard to figure it all out. I’m talking about Facebook (sorry). It keeps changing and I don’t seem to becartoon2 ‘getting’ it. Now I shouldn’t let this put me off, because I am loving the challenges, but what’s the limit? Do you have one? Sometimes I just feel like my time online is a big juggling act, balancing the tangents to which I get drawn in to when I’m ‘surfing’ for facebook answers. When I found Facebook 101 I was saved! Answers here have been a great help!

You just know…..when your Year 5 daughter comes in and goes straight to the problem, that you WILL be able to do it, because there’ll always be someone to help out. Last night I was feeling deflated, but this morning? I’m rearing to get going again. Thank goodness for the stubborness of Human Nature, because without it this world would be grey and I wouldn’t have finished with Facebook this morning and got some time on Twitter!

As for being a ‘Kept Woman’? yesterday he (husband) nearly convinced me to go look at the job vacancy adverts, but nope, another day, another challenge, a crisis averted and one step further towards earning on line! :: C


10/2/13 ::  You know…I probably should explain to you why  “Diary of a kept woman’. Well its like this. I haven’t worked (away from home that is) for a year or so. My husband and I, we moved to another city, and it’s proved difficult to find work.

cartoon6 Not to be beaten, I decided to look for work on-line, since I had the time. And what a great time I’ve had, surfing here, surfing there. I mean – the computer has not been a natural transition in my generation, and its taken plenty of time to come to terms with it and how it can be used. Using it I am, and since I haven’t earned a salary or wage whilst I’ve been doing this, my husband coined the phrase ‘a Kept Woman’!

OK he was having me on, but I’d deny that to anyone, anyway, actually, because its been really hard work finding out what’s around, and how it all works. A Kept Woman….huh!  Still, I’d like to NOT earn that ‘label’, and as I’m surfing around looking at things on line that I could make some money on, I’ll tell you about it….I’d very much like to have the input of others who know just what it’s like, to feel like an interloper in the Information age. You may like to take a look at this video about the advent of e-commerce, which tells how far we have ALL come – and now ME! :: C          


5/1/13 ::  An Introduction: I don’t know about you, but I try to get my hair cut every 7 weeks. The shape  just stays the right side of manageable – translated as “I save the price of a couple of cuts a year by not going a week earlier at 6 weeks”. It’s not that my hair doesn’t grow fast enough either, to require the next cut after 6 weeks. It’s that this is my concession to be seen to be saving money – since I’m not working you see – or not a ‘regular’ job anyway.

Truthfully? It’s just that the girl (sorry, WOMAN) who cuts my hair, has been ‘trained’ by me over a good few years and I’m reluctant to part with her. Oh . . . and if I’m even MORE truthful, (now that I’m getting to know you) I find as I am approaching the nether regions of life on earth (older middle age) I am more and more dependent on my stylist who cleverly allows me to keep those years at bay with a nice fashion cut subtly enhanced to minimize my age.

Mmmm. I think I would have enjoyed being a stylist myself actually. I could handle scissors ok – when I pruned my favorite dolls head with my mothers Pinking Shears at age 7 or so, I got a very clear message that I should not try this on any real person. A zigzag style cut was not fashionable then either. From that experience I told myself I would never be a Hairdresser, and you know what? I’m not!

Well I can tell you its not at all tragic being the kept woman that I am, since I do just what I want to do now and when I do bring in some money, I silently toast my mother in my head and say ‘Wow. I am a stay-at-home Grandma just like you!’ and somehow, that’s reassuring. So please don’t discredit what you’d like to do now, by the stereotypes out there. This generation has soooo many other ways to work and earn your keep!

Cartoon woman in chair

If you want to work at  home there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t….it is my experience that you just have to be open to some new ideas, and the rest will slowly fall in to place! I promise! :: C