Learn at Home Online

Where would I be if I hadn't found my own 'fit' online?

Well, probably working 9 to 5 in a drudge of a job with no prospects of the freedom I have now. With the application of all the new skills I have learned, I am able to realize a dream long-held, to bring the Internet to anyone who like me, is struggling to earn more income, to have enough for those looming 'golden years' and who has to sacrifice time with their family to get it.

Becoming Well Connected when you are older

In this busy world we live in, it's so often that family time that is reduced. You CAN turn that around. Grandparents as well.....Don't forget that the over 50's, 60's are still    workingold-woman out there too, and don't get to see as much of their grandchildren as they'd like. Working till age 65 (or longer) is a long time to wait till you have the freedom to connect with family or other important relationships out there. Learn just what you want, at your own pace, and take charge of your future NOW.

You may also like to look at my Facebook pages for more specific information about skills you can gain on-line to help you become more computer literate, more knowledgeable, more confident, more connected . . . all in a friendly supportive environment. I'll see you there!

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If you are now serious about the work you are doing online, for the purpose of promoting your Home-Based-Business, then here you'll find winning coaches I've chosen, who can take you forward to the next level. You'll find many more resources such as forums and help centers are offered through these, and you get the benefit of having real Teachers, who have reached the top in their niche and have won the accolades of their pupils.

Ultimately, this section is the best Training Ground for anyone who wishes to learn hands-on, how to promote and develop their Business online, whether globally or locally. As an introduction to your future online, take a look at this video to see just where Working-At-Home (WAH) is going

Chris Farrell Membership Voted no.1

Best IM Service

CFM (Chris Farrell Membership) is live with a new look and new 'Lessons'. Having come from CFM (Chris Farrell Membership) myself, I am back on a learning curve. Like so many others who have come to the 'Net' via Chris, I have to say the challenges are all worth it. It's the opportunity to 'learn' you see, to keep forging ahead and finding your own place out there. Chris and his Team will be there however long it takes.

I hope you enjoy these two short videos (one plays after the other) recorded by Chris Farrell, where he talks about his Membership site and benefits for anyone interested in learning more about Internet Marketing and online services as a means to ultimately earn an income.

I am only one of Chris's fans - if you read the posts on his site and 'meet' him yourself you will see why. THERE ARE SO MANY! So - take a look yourself, (the link is below) and whether you want to learn top Marketing Skills for the benefit of your own existing Business, or to apply to a passion of your own, don't go past Chris as your Mentor and Teacher. Look also, at the site IMReportCard here, or just Google his name, and you will see the accolades his students have posted

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