So Many Ways to Earn at Home

Welcome to the New Way To Work

There are so many opportunities to have ‘the life you want’. Is there a downside? Yes, well I think there is, and it is that we now have to adapt to being masters of our own timekeeping, instead of just doing the 9 to 5 thing as we have been, and as our parents, and their parents before them also did. The Internet is open 24hrs, 24/7.

Lifestyle beckons with easy access to Work at Home

Men as well as women are embracing the chance to earn, well on in to Retirement to fund a lifestyle they could never have dreamed possible

Start At The Strip – in the column to your right . . .

There are countless Internet millionaires who have turned a great idea into big business. In ‘The Strip’ (to your right) are just a few skills and hobbies, which can ‘evolve’ in to oh so much more than the 9 to 5 that most of us live within. I’ve tried to feature Companies who have good info on their sites, to teach you about what they offer, and how to go about getting started with them. So . . . have a good look around. But of course – the rest is up to you! Come back and check ‘The Strip’ again. I intend to add to it from time to time, to show you just how flexible the net is for using skills that you probably already have, and that you could be getting paid for!

Earning With Amazon

Amazon has has a fantastic Platform for anyone wanting to take up the challenge of selling Amazon Products online, giving you all the tools with which to make a name for yourself in your own niche.  Below, I have gathered some examples for you to look at, in three different levels, and whether they are products you think you could learn from, or they just give you ideas about what you could create yourself,  then this area has served it’s purpose. Remember that seeing what other people have done, is a valuable comparison to what you may like to be aiming for, yourself.

Here are three different levels in which you can search Amazon for ways to earn money online.

You can be either a buyer OR a Seller

See what others have done..


You may like to start with low cost Kindle products, if you are new online, or just needing inspiration

Programs I’ve chosen here are more comprehensive and focus on a more advanced level. Challenge yourself

Do you have a hobby or a passion? For a sport, a craft, baking, or even languages? Sell others’ products on               Amazon, or your own.

If you come to the conclusion that you really want to know more about Internet Marketing in general, rather        than just specific aspects as in these books, then you’ll find my page: Develop Your Home Based                      Business, to be of a more advanced nature again.

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